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Domain name Jake, 2012-06-30 16:59:58
Hey, I am interested in this domain name, are you using it for anything? Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks!
Ismael Ismael, 2012-05-11 14:03:59
Dear Suriyan,Thanks for your visit and comment.I ablleutsoy agree with you from the point of a commercial media channel. If you look at from the National interest, I think it is unfair.There are other things you can have exclusive rights. Live broadcast of Dr. theesaththin kural Anton Balasingham's cremation, recent fighting, recent speech by a prominent LTTE commanders, pongu thamizh event, some documentary of day to day life in Tamil Eelam, even maaveerar naal events from other countries are some of them.I did not say LTTE being unfair. I know our leader's speach is broadcasted free. It is the media channels that is putting a value on a priceless speach. Our leader's speach is extremely important and expected not only by Tamil diaspora but international community. I think Maveerar naal will be much important than an independent day!If you look at the National interest, it is our duty to take our leader's message to everybody. Yes, of course TV channels can broadcast a good 45 minutes of speach just only audio. But that is not same as broadcasting the video as well. Even the other aspects of Maveerar naal; showing every thuyilum illams can create much impact.Well, my point is that I once believed that another TV channel as anti-Tamil media when they did not broadcast our leader's speach or Maveerar naal event from Tamil Eelam. It is later I realized that they were not given rights to broadcast. Imagine many people believe this and people try to alienate that TV channel. This will create a divide within ourself.Finally, as a commercial TV channel, your point of view is right. But in National interest, it is best if the Maveerar naal, [independent day] events do not have any exclusive rights. Of course we can have exclusive rights, once Tamil Eelam becomes a stable country._______CAPitalZ