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Jamling Sherpa, 2015-11-04 10:53:49
As a UCI Anteater, I represent the University of California-Irvine. We have a big community focus, and so we need our own domain identifier. I propose .AN for this purpose. The Country Netherlands Antilles shut in 2010, and its domain can be utilised for Anteaters (all kinds, if you're a tamandua, giant anteater, UCI Anteater, or otherwise love Anteaters, come to us ! I offer free domains, but only to UCI affiliated entities, and sites that deal solely with Anteaters as a whole. Example: www.pua.an - The famous Pua Anteater of "F--- you, I'm an Anteater!" Internet fame www.uci.an - site of the University itself www.gov.an - Site of the Anteater government I offer domains directly at first level. You have to show a connection to UCI or run a site that deals with Anteaters to have a .AN domain. My DNS is (static IP, never changes). Email for more info.
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